The right way to follow-up an email intro [Part 3/3]

Almost there, don’t mess it up now.

Photo by Shoeib Abolhassani on Unsplash

1. Respond within 24 hours.

The moment you see it in your inbox, you open it and respond to it — it’s that easy. There’s no reason for you to get excited about the intro, mark it unread (hopefully), and try to get back to it later when you are in front of your computer and have time to craft an amazing response. Just do it now! From your phone! You know why? There’s no amazing response to come up with — no bedazzling here — just simple introquette (I’m really starting to like this word I made up).

2. Keep it short and minty.

Provide a little more context to the introduction. You can repeat what the introducer wrote in the email in your own words. When you do make sure you don’t just focus on your ask, make sure you focus on how you can add value to whoever you were introduced to. It increases the likelihood of a positive response and makes you more likable overall.

Couldn’t find a pic for mints, so just pretend these pink drops are white and taste like wintergreen.

3. BCC the introductor (sorry for all the words I keep making up).

In order for the introductor to know that you responded, just move their email to the BCC field. It shows me you’ve initiated the interaction and removes me from the thread (which is usually emails about when both parties can get together for a coffee or phone call).

  1. Don't BCC the introductor again, but send them a separate message, thanking them and informing them that you have picked up the conversation.


This example is an extension of my article “How to write a killer email introduction”, which you can find here.

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