• Roger Royse

    Roger Royse

    Silicon Valley tax, emerging growth and venture capital lawyer

  • Matthias Grabner

    Matthias Grabner

    Director Technology at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA

  • Cognizance Capital

    Cognizance Capital

    Our mission is to guide entrepreneurs to begin the process of implementing tactics the market place respects in order to achieve consistent growth!

  • Andreas Jaritz

    Andreas Jaritz

    VP of Client Solutions by trade and passion. Filmmaker by heart. http://www.parkside.at http://www.nomadearth.com

  • Hard Candy Photos

    Hard Candy Photos

    Hard Candy Photos is a Fashion Photography Phenom, all photos in my post are created by me!

  • Laura Holmbeck

    Laura Holmbeck

  • Anand Mishra

    Anand Mishra

    CEO of Star Infranet and founder of its parent company Tathastu Information Technology, Anand Mishra is a well-known name in IT industry. https://goo.gl/Px71Ub

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