Almost there, don’t mess it up now.

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You’re almost there — you’ve made your considerations about whether or not you should make the introduction, you sent a properly formatted email intro, and now… it’s out of your hands. You kicked the bird out of the nest and are waiting to see it fly.

If you’re on the receiving end of an intro, however, it's showtime baby! Now is the time to shine because you only have one email to make a good impression.

Lets go!

1. Respond within 24 hours.

The moment you see it in your inbox, you open it and respond to it — it’s that easy. There’s no reason…

Writing a killer email introduction isn’t rocket science

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There’s a simple formula for writing a killer email introduction everyone can follow in order to make sure the new relationship is off to a great start.

NOTE: This is a follow-up article to my first write-up on “” So if you haven’t already, check it out before you give this a read. It’s a quick 5 min read that helps you check three important “boxes” before you even sit down and write your intro.

Ok, so you know what to consider before writing your email intro and all three boxes are checked…

What David Kelley, founder of IDEO and designer of some of the early Apple products, Dave Evans, founder of EA (Electronic Arts) and the first Apple mouse and Bernie Roth, co-founder of the Stanford taught me about Design Thinking in an exclusive workshop at Stanford University. Plus some extra hot stuff I scraped together from the internet to make this article worth your time.

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Take two very abstract words and throw em together. What do you have? Design Thinking! Chances are you’ve heard about Design Thinking, maybe even applied it, but do you really know what it is or…

The three principles I stick to, in order to protect my network and ultimately my brand.

I work at Open Austria, the official Austrian presence in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to connect Austrian entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and creative minds to the Valley. You’d be surprised how many companies you know are Austrian. Red Bull (energy drink and marketing behemoth), KTM (world-class enduro motorcycles), Glock (the pistol of choice for special forces around the world) or Swarovski (crystals for jewelry, optics, and industrial drilling) — All are made in Austria.

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A big part of my job is connecting Austrian companies to the right people in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, which is a great opportunity…

Earl Schaffer

Deputy Director @Open Austria, Product Nerd and Podcast Host

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